When to Choose After-Hours Care

Problems like illness or injury don’t always stick to business hours, especially when it comes to the health care needs of a child or an adolescent. Weekend injuries and late-night high temperatures can really stress parents and caregivers. That’s why Dr. Soos Pediatrics offers after-hours, or “after owls,” care, as part of our commitment to your family’s health and wellbeing.

Our staff wants to make sure you and your family have the medical support you need, no matter the hour. The After Owls at Dr. Soos Pediatrics can help your child with all sorts of minor emergencies and acute illnesses. You don’t need a previously scheduled appointment to visit The After Owls, just come into our Dublin, Georgia offices during our extended hours and we’ll be ready to help.

The benefits of after-hours pediatric care

While the Emergency Room (ER) is always there to provide for your family’s care needs, younger patients often benefit from the specialized attention of a pediatrician. The After Owls keep experienced pediatric providers on staff later in the evening and over the weekend so your child can get gentle, expert care.

In addition to our expert knowledge of pediatric medicine, your child could benefit from:

After-hours care offers a more child-friendly environment than typically found in the ER, minimizing stress for both you and your child. With child-friendly colorful artwork, distracting toys, and plenty of healthy, child-appropriate snacks, and other rewards and prizes, we can get you through difficult situations with at least a few smiles.

Available when you need us

You don’t need to make an appointment ahead of time for After Owls care. If you need to be seen after business hours, just come to our Dublin, Georgia clinic. If needed, we can arrange for other care at nearby facilities, including having your child directly admitted to a hospital.

We can help with on-the-spot treatment for minor injuries and emergencies. You can also turn to after-hours care if your child has an illness or symptoms that become acute or concerning outside of business hours. With our in-house access to laboratory and X-ray facilities, you won’t have to wait long for the right diagnosis.

Try after-hours care if your child has concerning symptoms of illnesses or conditions, including ear or eye infections, bronchitis or flu, or a sprain or a cut. Our After Owls hours are from 5-9 pm Monday-Friday, and maintain open hours from 10:00 am-6:00 pm Saturday and 12:00 pm-6:00 pm on Sunday. If you need to get in touch with After Owls to get professional and immediate care for your child, contact Dr. Soos Pediatrics over the phone or online now.

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