What If My Child Fails a Sports Physical Exam?

What If My Child Fails a Sports Physical Exam?

Active kids are healthy kids. If your child or teen participates in sports, they may need to pass a sports physical exam, also called a preparticipation physical examination (PPE).

Dr. Gyula Soos and the team at Dr. Soos Pediatrics of Dublin, Georgia, provides knowledgeable support to child and teen athletes. Dr. Soos can perform your child’s sports physical exam, and help you and your child understand any negative results.

Why does my kid need a sports physical?

Sports physicals at the beginning of the sports season help ensure that all children and teens participating in sports are safe to compete. Your child’s growing and developing body needs supervision to undergo the stresses of sports competition without risking long-term damage or injury.

During a sports physical exam, Dr. Soos checks up on your child or teen’s medical history, as well as conducting a thorough physical exam. Dr. Soos asks questions and records information about:

Your child’s medical history can indicate potential future problems, so make sure to answer these questions thoroughly and accurately during your child’s sports physical exam!

As part of his physical exam, Dr. Soos records your child’s height and weight. He measures your child’s pulse and blood pressure, checks your child’s vision, and examines the heart, lungs, joints, ears, nose, and throat. He also asks about drug and alcohol use and checks in with teens about puberty-related factors that could affect sports performance.

What if your child fails a sports physical?

At the end of a sports physical exam, Dr. Soos may sign your child’s form, indicating that they passed the physical. Or, Dr. Soos may recommend a follow-up exam, treatments for detected medical issues, or additional tests to clarify important information about your child’s health and wellness.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that your child’s sports career is over for good. It may be that Dr. Soos can sign your child’s form after a follow-up exam to check blood pressure or other vitals after just a few weeks.

Dr. Soos may also be able to suggest changes to protect your child’s health while competing, like switching to a more effective inhaler. And, he can refer you to specialists that can help with any issues outside his expertise.

Your goal, and ours, is to support your child’s sports participation without unduly risking their current and long-term health. Most cases when a child or teen doesn’t initially pass a sports physical are eventually resolved. Together, we can find ways for your child to compete in safety.

To schedule a sports physical exam with Dr. Soos Pediatrics, get in touch with our office today. Call now, or request an appointment online.

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