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Dosing Schedule





Weight (lbs)Age (yrs)Infants' Suspension Liquid (160mG/5mL)Children's Suspension Liquid (160mG/5mL)Children's "Meltaways" Chewable Tablets (80mG)Jr "Meltaways" Chewable Tablets (160mG)
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24-352-31 tsp or 5 mL1 tsp or 5 mL2 tablets-
36-474-5-1.5 tsp or 7.5mL3 tablets-
48-596-8-2 tsp or 10mL4 tablets2 tablets
60-719-10-2.5 tsp or 12.5mL5 tablets2.5 tablets
72-9511-3 tsp or 15mL6 tablets3 tablets




Weight (lbs)Age (yrs)Dose (tsp or mL)
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24-352-31 tsp or 5 mL
36-474-51.5 tsp or 7.5 mL
48-596-82 tsp or 10 mL
60-719-102.5 tsp or 12.5 mL
72-95113 tsp or 15 mL
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