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Adolescent Care Specialist

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Teenagers can be a mystery, delightful one day and moody the next. What remains constant, however, is the need for outstanding health care as your children transition into adolescence, an area of specialty of Gyula Soos, MD, FAAP, and the team at Dr. Soos Pediatrics in Dublin, Georgia. Whether you join the practice when your child is a newborn or are looking for a new health home as your child enters adolescence, the team at Dr. Soos Pediatrics is ready to help with top-quality adolescent care.

Adolescent Care Q & A

What kind of health needs do adolescents face?

The teenage years can be difficult for both parents and kids. Teens are learning to chart their course in the world, while parents struggle to know when to hold on and when to let go. These years also present shifting health needs that deserve attention from a physician with advanced skills and training in adolescent health care. 

Just like children and adults, teens need routine physicals and can encounter occasional illness or injury. Having a trusted medical team to rely on during these times can make a world of difference when an issue arises. 

What does adolescent care include?

In addition to routine health needs, some of the services at Dr. Soos Pediatrics adolescents can benefit from include:

  • Nutritional counseling and treatment for eating disorders
  • Contraception counseling
  • Sports and other specialized physicals
  • Treatment for behavioral disorders
  • Evaluation for learning disorders, autism, and ADHD
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Information on sexually transmitted diseases
  • Counseling on substance abuse

For many families, having a trusted medical professional who can discuss these topics in terms teenagers can understand is an invaluable resource. 

Some teens encounter health needs that require specialized care. Parents can rest assured that Dr. Soos and his team have advanced training in adolescent care, and can help you find an outstanding specialist if the need should arise. 

How can I get my teen to participate in their health care?

One of the biggest advantages to adolescent care is the opportunity to work with kids to help them transition into adulthood. Learning how to take control of one’s health and wellness is a big part of that process. 

Far too many parents stop bringing their kids in for routine pediatric visits once they become teenagers. But these visits serve important functions even beyond screening for or treating illness. 

Adolescent care also focuses on teaching kids to assume ownership of their health. The Dr. Soos Pediatrics team takes the time to create a space where kids feel safe sharing questions and concerns and provides guidance on all adolescent health matters. 

If you’d like to find compassionate and personable medical professionals to work with your child during adolescence, call Dr. Soos Pediatrics or use the online booking tool to set up a visit today.