Should I Make an After Hours Appointment or Head to the Emergency Room?

Should I Make an After Hours Appointment or Head to the Emergency Room?

Unexpected health issues are par for the course when it comes to children. Surprise sicknesses, sudden injuries, and unexplained rashes mean that you need to get prompt medical care for your child.

At Dr. Soos Pediatrics of Dublin, Georgia, our “After Owls” after hours clinic provides urgent care support to child patients and their families. At the After Owls service, Dr. Gyula Soos and his team give your child the treatment they need at an affordable cost to you, without the long wait times that you might have to brave at the Emergency Room (ER).

If your child’s health emergency is life-threatening, your child needs emergency care at the ER, despite inconvenience and expense. For pressing but not life-threatening medical needs, you can benefit from the After Owls clinic. Here are some helpful rules of thumb for when to use urgent care services or the ER.

When your child needs emergency care

Medical emergencies that could threaten the life of your child require immediate emergency care. Call 911 or head for the ER in situations when your child is:

The pediatric medical experts at the ER can stabilize and diagnose your child’s condition, provide life-saving interventions, and recommend a treatment plan to keep your child safe and thriving.

Still, the ER may be crowded, exposing your child to other sick children, and taking up hours of your time. The benefit of life-saving care is undeniable, but in a non-emergency situation, the ER might not be the best way to get care for your sick child.

When after hours care fits your family needs better

Your child may have medical issues that are urgent, but not life-threatening. You don’t want to wait to make an appointment the next day, but the ER isn’t necessary. For those situations, after hours care may be the perfect solution.

The After Owls clinic at Dr. Soos Pediatrics can handle medical needs including:

Our offices use in-office X-ray and lab technology to get your child diagnosed and treated quickly and effectively. After Owls provides the same level of care your child receives during the daytime hours at Dr. Soos Pediatrics, with added convenience to you.

Don’t worry about making an appointment for After Owls clinic care. Just come into our clinic during extended hours, and we can sort out your child’s medical needs as soon as you arrive. We welcome walk-in patients.

If you have questions about After Owls clinic and after hours care, or questions about a potential pediatric medical emergency, you can contact Dr. Soos Pediatrics to learn more. Give us a call at 478-272-0203 any time!

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