What To Expect at Your Well-Child Exam

What To Expect at Your Well-Child Exam

Children grow so fast, developing physically, emotionally, and mentally every day. That’s why regular well-child exams are essential to staying on top of your child’s health. With a well-child exam, you can check in with a pediatric expert on your child’s development.

At Dr. Soos Pediatrics, Dr. Gyula Soos and his team of child health care experts provide regular well-child exams and screenings to pediatric patients from around the Dublin, Georgia area.

When you come into the office for a well-child exam, you can expect our total attention, with kid- and family-friendly approaches to these check-up appointments.

Well-child exams for infancy through adolescence

Your child starts well-child visits right after birth. We recommend frequent check-ups in your baby’s first two years, to keep track of developmental progress, stay up to date on vaccinations, and give parents a chance to talk to Dr. Soos about any concerns.

Well-child visits continue to benefit your child as they get older, although recommended frequency goes down to just one appointment each year. As your child matures, Dr. Soos and his team include them more and more in discussions of their health and wellness.

A comprehensive examination

Well-child visits capture a comprehensive snapshot of your child’s changing body, mind, and health. Dr. Soos discusses any known areas of medical concern with you and your child at each visit.

We record physical exam data, creating a baseline of regularly updated information about your child’s health and development history. At a well-child visit, we check hearing, vision, skin wellness, and reflexes. We also measure your child’s heart rate, breathing function, height, and weight.

If any illnesses or developmental delays show up, well-child exams are often the best chance for early detection and effective treatment or management.

Keeping up with immunizations

Many immunizations against communicable disease need to be delivered to children in the first years of life, and keeping track of vaccinations can get tricky.

Your child’s well-child visits are a chance to ensure that their vaccinations stay up to date, giving them and others around them full protection from diseases like whooping cough and the measles.

Teenagers also may need vaccinations or vaccine boosters for travel or to enter college. If your child falls behind on vaccination, it’s no trouble for your provider at Dr. Soos Pediatrics to provide the lacking shots and catch them up.

Building a pediatric care relationship

When you trust and know your child’s pediatrician, you always have an ally you can count on to keep your child healthy and happy. Well-child visits provide a time for your pediatrician, your child, and yourself to connect and talk about questions, concerns, and potential problems.

New or new-again parents often benefit from discussing breastfeeding, sleep needs, and concerns like persistent ear infections with a compassionate, knowledgeable professional.

As your child gets older, you might want to talk to Dr. Soos about childhood allergies or asthma, or about behavioral issues and better discipline practices. Well-child exams become a time for re-connection and conversation with your trusted provider, as well as continuing to record your child’s health and development.

You can schedule a well-child visit at Dr. Soos Pediatrics over the phone today, or request a time for your appointment online now.

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