Start the New Year with a Physical Exam

In your child’s development, a year can represent a lot of change and growth, both in terms of their maturity, and in terms of their physical health. To give your child the best possible support as bodies grow and change, schedule regular physical exams with Gyula Soos, MD, FAAP at Dr. Soos Pediatrics of Dublin, Georgia.

Whether your child plays sports, has a chronic condition like asthma, or has other unique health care needs, Dr. Soos can help by providing regular, thorough physicals. Even children in good health benefit over the long term from regular physicals.

With his expertise, Dr. Soos can identify any potential health problems while it’s still early. The team at Dr. Soos Pediatrics can also help you out with any documentation needs related to a required physical exam for your child!

Regular exams for baseline health

Routine annual physical exams can provide multiple benefits for your child’s ongoing and long-term health and wellness. Dr. Soos can check in on any known health conditions, and encourage your child to get started with lifelong healthy habits.

By examining your child regularly, Dr. Soos can establish a record of their health and development. Any unexpected changes can be followed up on right away, letting you stay ahead of potential health problems. Scheduling your child’s exam at the start of the year each year is one easy way to keep their exams regular and consistently spaced.

At your child’s annual physical, Dr. Soos checks on vital signs, height and weight, and other key metrics of strength, breathing, posture, and flexibility. If Dr. Soos catches any early signs of potential medical problems, he can order further exams to get to the bottom of the issue.

Handling sports exams and other specialized situations

Your child might need a physical exam for a sports program, summer camp, or other program. Teenagers may need a physical to start work at certain jobs. Dr. Soos can help with these additional, specialized physicals, as well. And, if you bring in your required paperwork, the Dr. Soos Pediatrics team can help you with your forms.

If your child “fails” a sports physical, there’s no need for serious concern. Dr. Soos can help you understand the reasons why your child might need to wait for a season to join a sports team, and suggest helpful tips to increase your child’s overall health and wellness. If additional testing is needed, Dr. Soos can order any needful further examinations, as well.

To schedule your child’s beginning of the year physical exam, contact Dr. Soos Pediatrics today. You can book over the phone, or with the online scheduling tool.

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